SUBSONIK is a super-smooth, hi-tech monofilament, which has been designed for the carp angler who demands the very best. It has been formulated using a complex extruding process which ensures maximum strength with a limited stretch factor and is designed to sink quickly, eliminating detection.

The minimal stretch ensures that when fishing at range, indication is amplified greatly through the line, thus registering on the indicator and alarm quickly.
SUBSONIK has a low memory and has excellent abrasion resistance, making it super tough and a good choice for the angler that fishes on snaggy waters for big carp.

SUBSONIK is available in three colour tones, Brown, Green and Camo. It also features high shock absorbency and is ultra-smooth, enabling a perfect line-lay on big pit reels… making it the number one choice for the distance caster!

Available in Brown, Green and Camo in five different diameters to cover all aspects of carp fishing.


• High knot strength
• Minimal stretch
• Amplified bite detection
• Abrasion resistant
• Super smooth
• Casts with ease
• Ultra-strong
• Brown
• Green
• Camo

Colour, B/strain & diameter

GREEN 12LB 3000m (0.28mm), GREEN 15LB 3000m (0.31mm), GREEN 18LB 3000m (0.35mm), GREEN 22LB 3000m (0.38mm), GREEN 25LB 3000m (0.41mm), BROWN 12LB 3000m (0.28mm), BROWN 15LB 3000m (0.31mm), BROWN 18LB 3000m (0.35mm), BROWN 22LB 3000m (0.38mm), BROWN 25LB 3000m (0.41mm), CAMO 12LB 3000m (0.28mm), CAMO 15LB 3000m (0.31mm), CAMO 18LB 3000m (0.35mm), CAMO 22LB 3000m (0.38mm), CAMO 25LB 3000m (0.41mm)