STANZ rubber rod grips



STANZ RUBBER ROD GRIPS have been designed to provide maximum efficiency. They are available in three sizes to accommodate most modern-day carp rod handle configurations and butt diameters. Constructed using a strong nylon core material with a rubber coated finish, they provide just enough tension to secure the rod butt securely in place. There is enough spring in the material allowing a smooth release of the rod butt when needed.

The tough nylon screw thread at the base is compatible with STANZ BANKSTICKS, BUZZ BARS and PODS. The smallest size is suited to abbreviated handles, the medium size is designed for shrink wrap handles and the large is ideal for classic cork handle rods.


  • Minimal design
  • Rubber coated for added grip
  • Three sizes to cover all rod types
  • Nylon core provides smooth release tension
  • Code:: HC0045 Description: STANZ RUBBER ROD GRIPS SMALL
    Code:: HC0046 Description: STANZ RUBBER ROD GRIPS MEDIUM
    Code:: HC0047 Description: STANZ RUBBER ROD GRIPS LARGE

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