pre tied d-rig


pre tied d-rig

A rig that even the most cunning carp struggle with. Due to the combination of a Curved-like hook, the Anti Eject Hook and a Rig ring on the D-loop, this rig will sting very quickly.

The bait will be sucked into the hook bend when “sucking”. Once in the mouth, the carp will want to get rid of the hook and spit it all out. The bait will now be spat through the ring towards the exit of the beak, while the hook is and remains in position. The Anti Eject stings and in panic the fish will shoot away. The run is there and the fight can begin. As an extra, the D-rig has the Speed ​​Swivel 8 with Anti Tangle Sleeve. As a result, this rig fits directly on the Silk Ray Hit & Run Leaders. D-Rigs are knotted with Jelly Wire 25lb of which the first part has been “stripped”, creating a combi rig with D-Rig Anti Eject.

The colour indication of the D-Rig packaging is ORANGE


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