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Product: Powashowa


Lightweight, portable power shower which can hold up to 15L of water.
Ideal for many washing applications, especially where a mains power or water supply is not available, such as
car shows, track days, camping or even garden use.
Features “Automatic Total Stop System” (TSS) which switches the motor on and off when the water is
operated, prolonging motor life. Unit is powered using an internal reachable lithium battery or 3m cable fitted
with a 12V vehicle accessory socket plug.
• Model No PP020
• Capacity: 4 Gallon
• Hose Length: 1.2m
• Maximum Pressure: 6kg/cm2
• Motor Power: 40W
• Nett Weight: 3.1kg
• Supply: 12V and 1.3Ah Lithium Battery
• Water Flow Rate: 180L/hr


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