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The PB Products Jungle Hook, a carp hook that has been in the PB Products program for a long time. Of course that is not for nothing. This hook is very reliable. The thick-wire claw hook model is very suitable for heavy drill work

If you are fishing near obstacles, this hook is the right choice. The turned in point and short shaft provide that typical claw-like shape and it is precisely this shape that guarantees excellent grip during the fight. The claw point (hook point turned inwards) usually only grabs the hard lip of the carp during bait intake and stretching the hooklink. As a result, the Jungle Hook is almost always stuck. A powerhouse of a carp hook. For the Jungle Hook we recommend the X-stiff Short Shank Aligner or the X-stiff Curved Aligner.


The color indication on the packaging of the Jungle hooks is LIGHT GRAY


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  1. Tanya rose

    My fave for zig and floater fishing, I very rarely use hooks straight out the packet but these are sticky sharp!

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