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Product: Jelly Wire


We have developed Jelly Wire to meet the demand for flexible yet coated hooklink material. This fast sinking hooklink material has a round, lint-free inner core that folds easily around the carp’s mouth and is knot-tight. This unique inner core is enclosed by a very easy to strip, transparent outer casing comma that gives the material that little bit of stiffness so that it does not tangle. This relatively supple material that you can stretch by hand is ideal for making all kinds of combi rigs that will behave very naturally underwater. Since Jelly-Wire has many commonalities with a smooth braid, it can be combined with almost any hook type. Jelly-Wire is available in the colours Gravel,

Available on 20 meter spools in 15, 25 and 35 lb in Gravel, Silt and Weed colours.

Breaking Strain & colour

15lb gravel, 25lb gravel, 35lb gravel, 15lb silt, 25lb silt, 35lb silt, 15lb weed, 25lb weed, 35lb weed

2 reviews for Jelly Wire

  1. G man

    Without doubt this stuff is a dream to work with. 100% love it

  2. James McQueen

    PB hooklinks are some of the best about. A decent coating that’s easy to strip and great colouring.

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