Downforce Tungsten – Tubing

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Downforce Tungsten - Tubing

A product with the same uses as the normal Rig Tube. The difference between these two materials is that in this version, Tungsten has been added during the production process. This addition makes the Tube very flexible and heavy.

This Tube therefore has a very high specific weight, so that the Tube will always follow the contours of the bottom, especially this PB Products version that is praised for its flexibility. Tungsten is somewhat brittle in structure and will never become as tough as the normal plastic Rig Tube after joining with the plastic, however this PB Products Downforce Tungsten version is very sturdy in terms of Tungsten material.

Packed per 2 meters. Available in the colours Weed and Silt


-sinking heavily

-very smooth

-for tungsten version very strong

line is easy to implement

– available in weed and silt colors


weed, silt

1 review for Downforce Tungsten – Tubing

  1. Brian Dixon

    Suoer heavyweight tubing, yet still remains supple and actually very easy to thread. Two thumbs up.

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