Downforce Tungsten – Heli-Chod Buffer Hoods



The PB Products Downforce Tungsten Heli-Chod Buffer Hoods have two important functions for various Chod systems.

Firstly, the Buffer Hood ensures that the swivel that is attached to the swivel lead is neatly and smoothly concealed. In this way, everything becomes one smooth overflowing whole, which ensures that tangling can be reduced to nil. In addition, the length of the Buffer Hood, 8.5 cm, ensures that the hooklink / hook cannot end up with the lead. This has the great advantage that the lead does not come close to the carp mouth during the fight. The weight of the lead cannot therefore be used by the carp as a counterweight to release the hook. Also, the lead cannot damage the mouth or head of the fish during the fight, as the lead remains at a distance from the hook / fish.

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