Bridge Beater Hook


Bridge Beater Hook

The PB Products Bridge Beater is a unique model. With its short handle that is slightly bent for extra power, an extremely strong jackhammer. This slight bend in the handle creates a kind of meat hook, fixed is fixed.

A pricked fish can now be drilled diligently, due to the shape of the handle and the straight hook eye, this hook will not pry during the fight. Obstacle fishing becomes a lot more pleasant and effective. Fixed is fixed, so tearing out of the pelvis will hardly occur, despite a lot of pressure on the hook. In addition, this bend in the stem creates a very wide bend. The hook therefore has optimal space to grab meat quickly and well. The Bridge Beater features an inward hook point, perfect for pricking the hard lip of the fish and keeping it firmly in place.

Take a critical look at the Bridge Beater at your retailer, put it on your rig and build up pressure. You will be pleasantly surprised!


-curved hook shank

– very wide hook bend

-very strong

-claw hook point

-thick wire

-right eye

-unique model

-DBF coating

Hook size

2, 4, 6


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