the humble hair rig, with a twist

By Matt Collins

The humble hair rig revisited The traditional mono hair rig has been around for decades. I’d never given it much thought until I spent time on the bank with a friend who’s been using it (and nothing else!) for over 20 years. Knowing what he’d caught, I knew I had to understand how something so simple could be so effective. I’ve been fishing with it for a few seasons and it didn’t take long for the results to come and carp after carp fell to this simple little rig. I have fished various versions of this rig and learnt a lot about it. It may look very simple but there are some tiny little details that are so important to get right. I’ve also added a little twist to improve its performance: inserting a little hook bead along the shank of the hook makes it easier to tie than whipping under the hair. It also stops the knotless knot from unravelling and becoming loose (very important when using mono!). One of the reasons I like this rig so much is that it’s really versatile. You can literally take this rig anywhere. You can use it on a variety of bottom types, with bottom baits, snowmen, wafters or popups and the stiffness of the mono gives it good anti tangle properties. Because the mono is semi stiff, it will resist the attention of nuisance species. It’s naturally anti tangle and will always be ready for when a carp arrives on the scene. You need to enjoy rig tying though as these rigs are basically only good for one carp. They are very cheap and very quick to tie though. Don’t worry if this rig doesn’t work well with the palm test when you try it. I don’t worry about the palm test. It’s very crude and doesn’t accurately represent how the rig actually moves in the water. Also the palm test doesn’t work as well with mono as it does with braid because mono is so stiff. This simple rig has been around for 30+ years and many thousands of anglers have caught countless carp using it so it’s definitely worth adding to your armoury. The only way to really see how well something like this works is to fish with it!

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Thank you to Matt Collins from Beausoleil Carp and Cats for allowing us to use his wording & video link.