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The Gom is a new and flexible method to sharpen your hooks. So you don’t need no more rock, magnifying glass or staples. The new way to get your hook point sharp!

How do you use the gom?

Put the hook tip in The Gom
Then turn the hook back and forth. Thanks to the flexible material, the hook tip is surrounded by sand crystals. These sand crystals make sure the whole hook tip is processed.
For a refined finish, you should then pull the hook flat over the surface of the Gom to remove the last ridge.

How to use the GOM…

2 reviews for The Gom

  1. G man

    An absolute vital bit of kit to anyones tackle box.

  2. Brian Dixon

    I have one of these in every tackle box to make sure I always have one with me, no matter what kind of fishing I am doing. It will polish the point of your hook every time you use it without fear of blunting or turning the point over from oversharpening.
    A quality product that will give you 100% confidence in your hookpoint.

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