Remote bivvie light


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colours light Green,Red,White. white: Low–280 hrs-Night light;High-14 hrs Work lamp; Red light Low-380 hrs– Night mode; High- 40 hrs;Green light Low- 570 hrs – Night mode; High – 60 hrs – fishing; Red light Survival Kit Help.

Power Bank With rechargeable 5000mAh Lithium battery ,you can use the camping light as a power bank to charge your devices for emergency purposes. Compared with most led lights, No need to continually buy costly AA batteries.

Strong Magnet built in and Waterproof With back plate, You can stick iron surface or bivvy surface easily. Dust-proof Rainproof you can easily use it in light rainy days when outdoor camping fishing, hiking, cycling etc.

With Remote control and Portable bag: Carp fishing IR remote control bivvy light lamp elite duo With unique snap type Lanyard, you can hang the light on tent garden bivvy. Easy to carry and hold.

With Bankstick light adaptor Creative Design. Suitable for bank stick, bivvy light 360 degree rotating freely. Please note that the tripod is not included.


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