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Product: Splicing Threader


Splicing just got easier. With this Splicing Threader it is easier for many carp anglers to splice Downforce Leadcore and / or Silk Ray.

Due to the diamond shape of this Threader, the material expands slightly when it is slid onto this Threader, making it easier to pull the line back through the core, creating a knotless loop. Nicely finished and very strong. In addition, these threaders are also very good to use to pull line through swivels or hook eyes. It’s that easy. There are two Threaders in one package.

3 reviews for Splicing Threader

  1. garry_turner-59

    Simply a god send.

  2. Tanya Rose (verified owner)

    The only tool I’ve been able to splice with 🙈 a tackle box must have

  3. Brian Dixon

    These make splicing an absolute doddle .. never use gated needles again. Splicing leaders rightly in seconds!!

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