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Product: Silk Ray Ready Made Leaders


The PB Products Silk Ray Ready Made leaders are ready to use. There are 2 leaders with a length of 90cm in one package. The leader has a loop on both sides. The material for these leaders is the extremely popular Silk Ray.

The Silk Ray Ready Made leaders have a very thin diameter, but have a pulling force of no less than 45lb. These Silk Ray leaders are extremely flexible and sink like a brick. The ideal material for the carp angler. A flexible leader that takes the contours of the bottom and also lies flat on the bottom. With the right color choice in terms of bottom color, the leader is therefore very well camouflaged and hardly visible and tangible for the carp. The PB Products Silk Ray Ready Made leaders are ideal to use for the Hit & Run system and the Heli-Chod systems (the X-Small Rubber and beads fit perfectly.

Throw this leader in a bowl of water and see what it does…!



-90cm long

-sinking heavily

-extremely smooth

-very strong

– both ends knotless looped

-very thin diameter

-45lb pulling force


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