Silk Ray Heli-Chod Leaders


Silk Ray Heli-Chod Leaders

The Silk Ray Heli-Chod Leaders are very smooth and soft. However, they sink very quickly and well. In addition
, these leaders will always adopt the contours of the bottom. These leaders with a length
of 90cm are fully assembled and ready for use.

The whole consists of a Multi Link to which the lead can be attached.
The Heli-Chod Hood is slid over this whole. The X-Small Rubber & Beads and the Heli-Chod Speed ​​Swivel
complete it. A hooklink can be mounted directly on the Heli-Chod Speed ​​Swivel.
A big advantage of the Silk Ray Heli-Chod Leader is, as with all PB Products systems, that everything is super safe for the fish. If a line break occurs, the fish will be able to get rid of everything;
Lead, leader and main line. Even despite the leader knot, the Beads and Heli-Chod Speed ​​Swivel have a very wide opening so that everything slides easily over the leader knot. This means that the carp only keeps the rig in the mouth after a line break and the fish is not in danger!


>> very supple
>> heavily sinking
>> takes the contours of the bottom well
>> ready to use in Weed and Gravel
>> 45lb pulling force


weed, gravel