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Silk Ray 45lb

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Silk Ray 45lb

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Silk Ray is the top when it comes to very flexible, heavily sinking, extremely strong and very easy to splice leader material. This lead-free leader material sinks like a brick and, due to its flexibility, easily and well contours the bottom.

Notice the difference and compare Silk Ray with other lead-free leaders. You will see! Silk Ray is one of a kind. Very flexible and durable, does not fluff and can be spliced ​​for everyone. Glue ..? That is not necessary with Silk Ray. This material is as it should be.

Available in the colors Gravel, Silt and Weed.


silt, gravel, weed

2 reviews for Silk Ray 45lb

  1. Tanya Rose (verified owner)

    Absolutely unreal material, leadcore ban? Go for this, it’s easy to work with, truly sinks like a brick, and the abrasion resistance is second to none.

  2. Mark

    Great lead free leader. Ticks all the boxes. Sinks fast, 3 colours, easy to splice. If used with hit n run system it’s so safe for the fish.

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