Royal Class rods


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The 10ft 2.75lb version comes with 6 pcs guide eyes in sizes 30-25-20-16-12-10

The 12ft 2.75lb version has 7 guides in sizes 30-25-20-16-12-12-12 while the 12ft 3lb version has 6 guides in sizes 40-30-25-20-16-16

The throwing cannon the 13ft 3.5lb is equipped with 7 guide eyes in the sizes 40-30-25-20-16-16

These exclusive carp rods are among the top in terms of materials and components. Equipped with 30T / 40T high modulus Japanese carbon fiber; it makes the rods particularly powerful. During the fight you will feel the control of the fish.

DESCRIPTION Royal Class Royal Class Royal Class Royal Class
LENGTH 13 ft 12 ft 12 ft 10 ft
TEST CURVE 3.5 lb 3 lb 2.75 lb 2.75 lb
MSRP 199.99 194.99 189.99 159.99
length & t/c

10' 2.75tc, 12' 2.75tc, 12' 3tc, 13' 3.5tc