Rig tubing


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A multifunctional product that is supplied by PB Products in natural colors to blend in as much as possible against the different soil colors and structures. In the past, this product was only used to prevent the rig from tangling during insertion.

Many carp anglers now know that a good Rig Tube still contains a few important qualities. This way, Rig Tube prevents the string-tight line from getting caught behind the scales of the fish during the drill and subsequently damaging the carp beyond repair. In addition, the tube can also be an indispensable link in a helicopter assembly. To ensure that a piece of Rig Tube (especially a piece longer than 40 cm) always remains tight on the bottom, we recommend kneading a small piece of Putty around the tube here and there. If not, tiny air bubbles in the Rig Tube could cause it to rise slightly from the bottom. This elevation may deter a fisherman in heavily fished waters. Always stretch the tube before use.

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