Red Ant 35lb 80m spools



An extremely strong monophilic fore material. It is not without reason that this product bears the name Red Ant: probably the strongest animal in the world. Red Ant has a pulling power of 35 Lbs and comes in clear color.

Also for Red Ant applies; remember that you only use this product in combination with a properly working safe lead system as this line is so strong and a carp that with this line “behind”, will not be able to free itself when swimming in obstacles. In addition, using this product should never be an alibi to fish for cuttings that are impossible to fish. For this guide we recommend a Luc de Baets front knot if you are fishing with a braided main line or the Mahin front knot for nylon on nylon.

In addition, we recommend that you turn at least twice and preferably three times the rod length on your reel spool.

Available on spools of 80m, 35 Lbs


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