Ready2Go Silk Ray Hit & Run Inline Leader



These Ready2Go Hit & Run Inline leaders are completely assembled. All you need to do as an angler is to mount a PB Products Inline lead onto the insert. The beauty of the PB Products inline lead is that all weights or colours fit on this insert. So it’s all very simple and Ready2Go made. You attach a hook length to the Speed swivel and via loop in loop you can attach the 90cm Silk Ray leader to the mainline. You are now fishing safely and 100% correctly!


gravel, silt, weed

1 review for Ready2Go Silk Ray Hit & Run Inline Leader

  1. Brian Dixon

    Since swapping to this system I absolutely smashed my personal best and landed a fish from a very tricky water.. my first fish out of there. Extremely fish safe too… This system will turn one bleep hits into one toners! Definitely the way forward for me!

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