Pike Strike Swirl


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Pike Strike Swirl

The Rozemeijer Pike Strike Swirl with its 21 cm is ideal for fishing for pike, zander and catfish. The sturdy body makes casting easy and the jig hook stays in place well in the body. The Swirl is also equipped with hook indicators on the back so that you can easily let the hook point come out in the right place.

The Swirl’s sting is literally in the tail. This one is extremely mobile. The smallest movement or the least current makes the tail do its thing. Ideal for the auxiliary rod. Even in the current, the Swirl can simply be kept still in one place, the tail does its thing anyway! Easy to fish; just turn the Swirl in and see why. On waters where eels and rats are on the menu of the robbers, the Swirl really comes into its own!

COLOR Crazy Fire Black Mamba Green Salt Orange Power Pearl Brownie
WEIGHT 40 gr 40 gr 40 gr 40 gr 40 gr
LENGTH 21 cm 21 cm 21 cm 21 cm 21 cm
HOOK INDICATORS ON THE BACK Present Present Present Present Present
BACK PROFILE Rough Rough Rough Rough Rough

cf, bm, gs, op, pb