Paste (Various)


Paste (Various)

DT Baits Carp Fishing Paste Baits are made to the same recipes used in our boilies and as such, contain the same quality ingredients making them both highly attractive and when un-boiled, ultra soluble. Originally developed to offer a way for the angler to make corkball pop ups at home or on the bank, our paste baits are also ideal for a number of alternative carp bait applications including paste wrapped boilies for winter fishing and meshed paste hookbaits for when crayfish become a problem.

Supplied frozen in 250g tubs, once defrosted DT Baits Carp Pastes become soft and pliable allowing them to be easily formed, moulded or rolled depending upon the required use. When used un-boiled as a pliable paste bait, their highly soluble nature means that they readily leak plumes of attraction into the water column, even during the winter when the water is at its coldest. When boiling is required for use with cork balls to make matched pop ups, they take on a colour and texture that is identical to the matching boilies.

Weight 0.3 kg

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