Pangolin Leader


Pangolin Leader

Pangolin can be spliced. Remove the soft inner core and then you can splice Pangolin into loops or even connect knotless with lines such as Silk Ray or Hollow Kevlar. Pangolin is available in Multi Silt which consists of two shades of brown or Multi Weed which is provided with two shades of green. The video will provide more clarity if only this text.

The Pangolin has a hard shield. This protects the animal against attacks from large predators. For this reason, our leader has been given this name. The Pangolin leader is provided with an abrasion-resistant outer sheath with a string Kevlar. However, the inner core is very soft and contains a lot of thin dyneema strings that are not woven but just sit next to each other in the outer sheath. This makes this Pangolin leader extremely abrasion resistant. Really unheard of.


weed, silt


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