New style hit & run inline leads


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The Hit & Run System is unique. A system that has been developed with a background and priority of fish safety. A system that not only loses the lead in the event of a line break, but also the leader and excess (broken) main line.

In the event of a line break, the fish will therefore only swim further with the underline in the mouth. No leader, lead or meters of main line behind it with which the fish can swim with all its consequences. No ruptured pelvis, incised fins and incised gills or worse; dead fish. Hence the Hit & Run System. Operation? The most important thing of the whole system is that the bottom line is not tied to the leader or main line, as soon as the bottom line is tied to the leader or main line, the fish can of course never get rid of it if the line breaks. That is why with the Hit & Run system the rig is not tied, curious? Take a look at the system and judge. The lead is also easy and quick to change in terms of weight and color. All weights fit on one insert!

Available in our new fleck camo colours – weed/gravel & silt – four sizes 2oz 2.5oz 3.2oz and 4oz

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2oz silt, 2.5oz silt, 3.2oz silt, 4oz silt, 2oz gravel, 2.5oz gravel, 3.2oz gravel, 4oz gravel, 2oz weed, 2.5oz weed, 3.2oz weed, 4oz weed

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  1. garry_turner-59

    Smart and very well designed.

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