Micro Spoon


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Micro Spoon

No perch, trout, zander, ide or asp is safe with this Micro Spoon. Fish it fast and it looks like a fleeing baitfish, or fish it slowly and it looks like a dying baitfish. Can be used in any situation and due to the single hook also suitable for fishing for trout. In 3 beautiful colors to handle any situation. In short, another top piece of lure within the Rozemeijer family!

With this Micro Spoon no perch, trout, zander, ide and chub are save. Fish it fast and it looks like a fleaing baitfish, fish it slow and it looks like a dying baitfish. Fitted with a single hook so that’s it allowed to use for trout on specific waters. Available in 3 colors so that you can use it in every situation. Again another great lure added to the Rozemeijer family!

LENGTH 3cm 3cm 3cm
WEIGHT 3gr 3gr 3gr

sft, srh, shp