Long Shank Hook


Long Shank Hook

Now a real Long Shank carp hook. The PB Products Long Shank has a very long straight handle. This length ensures a quick hooking. The straight eye ensures that the hook sits firmly in the carp’s mouth and does not pry into the carp’s mouth like a “can opener” during the fight.

As a result, tearing and cutting in the mouth will occur much less quickly than when using a long-shanked hook with an inward eye. By placing an X-stiff Long Shank Aligner it creates a fictional inward eye. This will make the hook rotate faster but the Aligner will “stretch” straight during the fight and the hook point will remain in one place. Very nice!

With a Long Shank, pay attention to the length of your hooklink. Finally, a Long Shank pricks very quickly; a (too) long hooklink therefore creates a point that can pierce the mouth.


The color indication on the packaging of the Long Shank hooks is WHITE


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