Hit & Run Flexi Speed ​​Run Ring

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Hit & Run Flexi Speed ​​Run Ring

This Hit & Run Flexi Speed ​​Run Ring is a speed connector without gland but with a large ring. This spacious ring ensures that nothing slides into the X-safe Leadclip or Hit & Run Inline Lead insert. In this way, a completely free run system can be created.

The Hit & Run System also ensures that the bite indication is doubled. The line is pulled off the reel spool twice as fast by the loop in the Hit & Run System. The Watcher will therefore “dance” up and down twice as fast. Yes, you read that right. Twice faster, sooner and better. A must on dressage water and in winter. Every bite, however gentle, is registered.

Something to think about and take a good look at!

1 review for Hit & Run Flexi Speed ​​Run Ring

  1. Tanya Rose

    After being shown this system on a social, I’ve not used anything since, bite indication on a whole new level, and should you get snapped off, there’s no risk of the fish being left trailing a leader. ????

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