Heli-Chod X-small Rubber & Beads


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The X-Small Heli-Chod Rubber & Beads are basically identical to the Heli-Chod Rubber & Beads, only the X-Small version is for thinner leaders, mono leaders and main lines. Ideal for very refined fishing.

Fluoro Carbon main line or leader? Directly on your monofilament or braided main line? Or even better, on your Silk Ray leader? The X-small Heli-Chod Rubber & Beads have such a small diameter that they are placed on the line by means of the feed-through “holder”. They sit perfectly on the lines just described, do not tear easily and stay in position during the longest casts. You can place the rubber in any desired position. In terms of safety? Of course the same as the Leadercore Heli-Chod Rubber & Beads.



-Fits directly on mainline

-Fits directly on fluoro carbon or mono leaders

-Fits directly onto Silk Ray or other lead-free braided leaders

-very fish safe

– can be placed at any position on the line

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