gizmo swingbob phat


gizmo swingbob phat

The Gizmo Swingbob Phat offers the ultimate in indication and is supplied with both a chain and an Articulator swing arm. This allows two different forms of indicator presentation, bobbin or swing arm options. The Grip Clip line friendly line clip on the head of the hi-visibility slim 20mm acrylic body, gives the option of a free running or captive grip on the line.

The main body is also fitted with a central isotope slot and two extra screw-on weights are included in the pack which can be added to the body, loading the indicator for long range situations. To keeps the swing arm aligned the Swingbob features a keyed hockey fitting. Available in several different colours.

  • Gizmo Swingbob can be used as a bobbin or swing arm indicator
  • Supplied with opti-curve chain and articulator swing arm
  • New grip clip can be set to free running or gripping the line
  • Hi-visibility phat 20mm acrylic body
  • Central isotope slot
  • Supplied with two additional weights
  • New keyed hockey stick keeps swing arm aligned

red, orange, green, blue, purple, white, black


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