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Product: Ghost Dragonfly (100% Fluoro Carbon Mainline)


Ghost Dragonfly is a 100% fluoro carbon mainline with unique features. The Ghost Dragonfly is what you call the highest quality fluoro carbon on the market. Ghost Dragonfly is very, very durable.

It has very little stretch and sinks like a brick. In addition, Ghost Dragonfly does not absorb color particles and the Ghost Dragonfly can be used very well as a main line. And that for a 100% fluoro carbon. After many tests, the choice fell on the best line because we do not want to compromise on quality! In fact, Ghost Dragonfly is so smooth that it can be used to throw great distances. A nice smooth, super fast sinking, very durable and invisible at the bottom mainline… .who wouldn’t want that!

TRACTION 18LB 0.37mm 15LB 0.33mm 26LB 0.43mm
COLOR Clear Invisible Clear Invisible Clear Invisible
LENGTH 400 meters 400 meters 400 meters


-very abrasion resistant

-sinking super fast

-invisible under water

– absorbs little dirt for Fluoro Carbon

-for a Fluoro Carbon, Ghost Dragonfly is very smooth

-UV resistant so that it retains its pulling power for years


15lb, 18lb, 26lb

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