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Product: Gator Braid 25lb – 0.25mm – 1000m


Slow, really sinking and smooth braided mainline. Specially developed for extreme distance fishing and obstacle fishing. Because Gatorbraid Two-Tone has practically no stretch, you get an excellent bite indication. In practice, this will definitely yield more fish. Because the material has so little stretch, there is a lot of pressure on the hook during a tough fight.

To prevent tearing of the carp’s mouth, we recommend to always use a mono or fluorocarbon front as a buffer. The mono forehand provides much-needed stretch during the drill. Twice the rod length is usually sufficient as a buffer. If you want to use Gatorbraid Two-Tone to fish over a sharp slope, make the lead preferably 5 meters longer than the depth at which you are fishing. We have opted for an ideal camouflage colour to ensure that the line falls away as well as possible against any surface during fishing. Gator Braid has been in the PB Products program for years and with good reason. Last sentence “We’d better get it out please!

25lb – 0.26mm – 1000m spools

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