Extra Safe Heli-Chod Leaders (leadcore)


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This ready-made Downforce Leadcore leader is very special. Because the lead core is extremely heavy, the pop-up on a Chod Rig can, for example, be kept on the bottom without extra weight. In addition, the leader is equipped with our specially developed Heli-Chod system. This system allows you to fish with both a Helicopter and a Chod rig.

These two montages are becoming more and more popular as they are multifunctional and break dressage. For example, this is the ideal system (the rubber is adjustable in distance from the lead) for fishing on soft and / or with aquatic plants overgrown bottoms. These leaders can therefore be used on any soil type.

The two large beads that you can slide on the Heli-Chod rubber slide over each mounting knot (they have a large central hole) and ensure that the fish can get rid of the leader without any problems after a line break, the lead and the excess piece of main line; however long it is! This makes this a very fish-safe system.


The leader comes with a Big Eye Swivel and a Heli-Chod Hood and has a length of 90cm.


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