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Dr. Skirt # 7


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Dr. Skirt # 7

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For those who may just be a bit bigger, Dr. Skirt # 7 the outcome! With its # 7 blade, it provides fantastic vibrations and displaces a lot of water, this spinner does not go unnoticed by predatory fish. Because his 27g can be perfectly fished on a spinning rod in the polder ditch or the local fish pond, but also on the big water, Dr. Skirt his man!

WEIGHT 27g 27g 27g
COLORS Speckled Fire Tiger Speckled Red Head Speckled Hot Pike
SIZE BLADE # 7 # 7 # 7
SIZE TREBLE HOOK # 2/0 incl Hookprotector # 2/0 incl Hookprotector # 2/0 incl Hookprotector

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