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Downforce Tungsten – X-small Naked Chod Rubber & Bead


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Downforce Tungsten - X-small Naked Chod Rubber & Bead

The X-Small Naked Chod Rubber & Bead is the ideal and fish-safe stopper to keep the Sliding Chod Bead in position. This stopper can be placed on any line type (except Leadcore). The stopper is made of Downforce Tungsten and sinks quickly and well.

By placing the thickened tube on the line with the bead over it, we create a fish-safe system. The bead now has a wide diameter that can slide over the leader knot with ease when a line breaks. In this way, the fish can lose everything in the event of a line break. Lead, leader and all excess mainline will be left behind and the fish will only have the bottom line in the mouth when something should go wrong. Very safe! The stoppers are delivered on a holder, making mounting on the line very quick and easy. Something you are used to from PB Products!


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