Downforce Tungsten – X-small Heli-Chod Rubber & Beads



Can be mounted directly on your main line, your Silk Ray leader, your mono leader or even your Fluoro Carbon leader. These Tungsten X-small Heli-Chod Rubber & Beads have a narrow feedthrough that attaches directly to thin lines or leaders. The assembly is slidable but remains in the correct position during the throw.

This version of Tungsten ensures an even better presentation and is also heavier so that the hooking takes place faster and the fish is pierced a little deeper. With this Downforce Tungsten X-small Heli-Chod Rubber & Beads you don’t need any extra putty or lead to sink your pop-up. The Tungsten is heavy enough.

There are several systems to make with these rubbers & beads, including Helicopter systems and chod systems.

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