Downforce Tungsten – Sliding Naked Chod Bead



Newly introduced in early 2017, the Sliding Naked Chod Bead in Downforce Tungsten weighted material. The sets are delivered per 3 pieces including the 3 swivels that fit in these “Beads”.

The big advantage is that these beads can be used in a wide variety of ways. On weighted leaders but also directly on the nylon or fluoro carbon mainline. Place the swivel in the bead and slide it completely onto the line / leader. Due to the weighting, no more putty or lead is needed to sink the pop-up. The stopper (19235) can be placed at any distance and this sliding bead can even be fixed. Any chod system can therefore be manufactured with these beads. Very handy. In addition, the beads are strong and reusable. Throwing away is therefore not an issue. There are two variants for sale, the 1.5g version for the high-buoyancy or larger diameter pop-ups and the 0.75g for the other smaller pop-ups.

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