Downforce Tungsten – Shot On The Hook Beads


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The PB Products Tungsten Shot on the Hook Beads are very easy to use and also super effective. The drop-shaped bead can be punctured directly onto the hook.

Due to a tapering opening on both sides, this drop stays perfectly in position on the hook, even during the longest casts. In addition, this bead is in the DBF (Dull Black Finish) dark grey colour. That makes it no less than 5.6 g / cm3 in weight (uncoloured). Perfect to use as a Shot on the Hook. The beads are available in the weights 0.2g, 0.3g and 0.4g. Always adaptable to hook size and buoyancy of the hookbait

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0.2gr, 0.3gr, 0.4gr


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