Downforce Tungsten – Contra-Liners


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As the name implies, the PB Products Downforce Tungsten Contra-Liners are counterweights. The Contra-Liners are slid directly and easily onto your rig from a holder.

Pass the line of your rig through the “eye” of the holder and slide the Contra-Liner onto your rig. Whether uncoated or coated, the Contra-Liner fits perfectly due to its correct elasticity. This way, you don’t have to put putty or other lead in front of your hook. The Contra liners are available in 1 gram, 2 gram and 3 gram. Can be used for many circumstances. Whether for fine fishing for dressage water or for coarser river fishing; for each his own. The Contra-Liner is placed a few centimeters in front of the hook. This weight ensures that there is a little more pressure on the hook during bait intake. This will prick better and faster. In addition, the weight ensures that the rig remains longer and better stretched. Even when small fish or crabs are “playing” with the bait. Certainty!


Art.number description number of pieces selling price

19420 Contra-Liners 1 gram 6 pcs 9.99

19421 Contra-Liners 2 gram 6 pieces 9.99

19422 Contra-Liners 3 gram 6 pieces 9.99

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1gr, 2gr, 3gr


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