Cutter Plier, the original!


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The PB Products Cutter Pliers, a different story! We were the first to put it on the market and this extremely sharp pair of scissors is still part of our program. Of course this is the original version that we introduced more than 7 years ago and the differences with the competition are crystal clear.

Sharper, more durable and equipped with thinner cutting blades; these are some details that show that this is correct. A very handy tool where you can cut even the softest braided lines without tension. That says something!

2 reviews for Cutter Plier, the original!

  1. Brian Dixon

    The original, and still the best. Copied but not beaten . Hands down the best set of blades you will lay your hands on. Mono, braid, tubing…. whatever. I even use mine to cut rings off swivels and swivels off leads. No problem.

  2. Tanya Rose (verified owner)

    Super sharp, no more wasting money on scissors that are sharp for a month.. leaders/braid/traces, this does the job.

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