Control rods


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10ft 3lb has 5 BKWTSG guides in sizes 30-25-20-16-12 and a BSTST12 tip eye.

The 12ft 2.75lb has 5 BKWTSG guides in sizes 40-30-25-20-16 and a BSTST16 top eye while the 12ft 3lb is built in sizes 50-40-30-20-16 and a BSTST16 top eye.

What beautiful rods. The price-quality ratio of the Control carp rods is truly phenomenal!

These 24T / 30T carbon blanks are equipped with Tangle Free K-frame guides. Due to the position and shape of the frame, these eyes ensure that the line cannot “wrap” around the eyes during a throw. Not even with the strongest crosswind. In addition, the Control is nicely finished with blue details in the windings, equipped with a stainless steel cone and water-resistant and slim “shrink tube” handle for a solid grip.

The Controls are available in 3 versions. A 10ft 3lb, a 12ft 2.75lb and a 12ft 3lb.

LENGTH 10 ft 12 ft 12 ft
TEST CURVE 3 lb 2.75 lb 3 lb
length & t/c

10' 3tc, 12' 2.75tc, 12' 3tc