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There are Winter Boilies and then there is the Winter Boilie. Specifically developed for winter fishing, DT Baits Cold Water Green Beast Boilies are formulated to catch carp, even in the coldest conditions. Containing the finest quality, ultra soluble flavours and attractors to ensure they continue to leak attraction when the water reaches its lowest temperatures, Cold Water Green Beast Boilies are the go-to choice for the dedicated angler wanting to make the most of those short, but often prolific feeding spells that occur through the winter.

Containing high levels of milk proteins and textured ingredients to promote faster digestion, Cold Water Green Beast Boilies make the ideal choice for when the carp are at their least active and by aiding digestion, actively promote feeding spells of a longer duration. Based on our Cold Water Base Mix with its round and creamy profile, we then add the aroma of high-acidity, summer berry fruits and a subtle hint of menthol by way of our legendary Green Beast Flavour.

Renowned for continuing to catch carp through the winter months, Coldwater Green Beast Boilies have earned an unparalleled reputation.

Feed Hygiene Reg No: GB/108R/1763 Animal By Product Reg No: 13/377/8001/ABP/OTHER
Analytical Analysis – Moisture 22.3% Protein 16.0% Fat 10.3%  Ash 2.7% Crude Fibre 0.9% Composition – CLO, whey, Soya flour, rice flour, bakery ingredients, egg products and carp attractants
NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION Do not feed to ruminants

Weight 1 kg
Pack & Boilie Size

1kg frozen 15mm, 1kg frozen 18mm, 1kg shelf life 15mm, 1kg shelf life 18mm, 5kg frozen 15mm, 5kg frozen 18mm, 10kg frozen 15mm, 10kg frozen18mm, 5kg shelf life 15mm, 5kg shelf life 18mm, 10kg shelf life 15mm, 10kg shelf life 18mm


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