An innovative new product, DT Baits Bait Sprays contain the same pure flavours used in the matching boilies and offer a convenient, no mess way to improve our baits on-demand. Utilising the latest in feed stimulants to provide an extra level of attraction while remaining ultra-light in viscosity, our bait sprays have been developed to penetrate and prolong flavour leakage making them an ideal choice for a multitude of uses.

Highly versatile, our bait sprays can be used in a number of ways including the creation of high attract hookbaits, boosting pop ups without affecting their buoyancy, adding attraction to artificial baits and zigs, or even for use with free offerings to spread feed inducing attraction over a wider area.

Supplied in an easy-to-use 50ml spray bottle, simply shake to activate and spray to enhance!

Weight 0.2 kg
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Fish n Blood Fresh Orange Bait Spray, Pukka Fish Peach and Sour Cream Bait Spray, N-Blend Bait Spray, Supa Fruit Bait Spray, Pukka Fish Oily Chicken Bait Spray, Cold Water Green Beast Bait Spray, Strawberry Bait Spray, Fresh Orange Bait Spray, Scopex Bait Spray, Juicy Peach Bait Spray, Pacific Anchovy Bait Spray, Squid and Octopus Bait Spray, Bubblegum Bait spray


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