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Armabraid is a very smooth, perfectly round and sinking braided line. These are smoothly follows the contours of various soil structures.

This highly knot-resistant hooklink material has a natural appearance under water and folds easily around the mouth of the carp, guaranteeing good bait intake. Armabraid is virtually non-shedding, can be combined with almost any hook type and is ideal if you want to use a very short hooklink, for example. If you have to cast with this material, we recommend that you wrap PVA tape around the hook and hair to prevent tangling of the hooklink.
Available on 20 meter spools in 15 and 25 lb in Gravel, Silt and Weed colors.

b/s & colour

25lb gravel, 25lb silt, 25lb weed

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  1. Tanya Rose

    Wish I’d found this sooner! My go to for solid bag rigs, so much easier to work with than what I used to use. Another fab addition to the tackle armoury

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