Anti Tangle Sleeves


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The bigger brother of the Anti Tangle Sleeves Small. These are also multifunctional. However, this version is a lot longer. This version is also conical and very suitable for mounting the rig to the Speedswivels and Clips.

However, this longer version is a deterrent for really long casts or for fishermen who want even more certainty that everything falls nicely on the bottom after a cast. This long version pushes your rig even more away from your lead when landing your system on the bottom. The advantage of these PB Products Anti Tangle Sleeves is that they are really strong and flexible. They are so elastic that they slide around the Rapid Clip with ease without tearing. The stretch is therefore huge and that makes mounting extra easy while the rigidity is perfect to have the effect that is needed. Used once and you don’t want another.

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weed, gravel, silt

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