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barbless range

Due to a high demand from customers we was asked to release a barbless range to compliment our already outstanding hook range. With that in mind we at PB Products listened, and available in the Barbless Range are Super Strong & jungle patterns A hook that needs no introductions, SHARP straight from the packet. Size 4 & 6

super strong aligner

The well-known Super Strong carp hook with some light adjustments. The handle of the Super Strong Aligner is slightly shortened. This makes the hook even stronger and very suitable for fishing at obstacles where you have to drill a bit tighter. Due to the shorter handle, the hook does not bend out. In addition, the shape has been adapted to the PB Products Line Aligners. The "exit" of the Aligner is now exactly flush with the tip of the Super Strong Aligner hook. Hence the name! In this way, the perfect “prick” combination is created. Just like the Super Strong, the Super Strong Aligner hook has a straight razor-sharp point and a large hook eye for coarser hooklength material. Finally, the hook is made for heavy fishing.

Super Strong

The famous Super Strong hook but adapted to two points. The stem is slightly shorter than the original Super Strong hook. This allows the hook is stronger and ……. the combination with PB Products Aligner perfect. The point of the hook and the aligner the “output” now walk in a straight line. The perfect jab combo. For this reason, the bend of the hook and the hook point also minimal adjusted every detail right now if you are fishing aligners with PB Products in conjunction with the Super Strong Aligner hook. size 4, 6 ,8

Longshank Hook

Everyone loves a longshank, a pattern that has stood the test of time with its outstanding hooking ability. PB has ensured the eye angle that has been formed is just perfect for the hook to quickly turn and grab hold. Finished in a matt smooth grey and with absolute deadly sharpness – this pattern may be a classic yet is very much here to stay!

Curved KD hook

One of, if not the most popular hook patterns PB has within its range and for good reason. As in the name, this hook was designed with the deadly setup that is the KD rig in mind. The angle in which the hook reaches out from the hook link – looking to impale itself on any potential interest – is as it sounds, completely devastating and one hook you definitely need to have within your armoury.

Anti-Eject Hook

A hook that holds its very own, what’s known in the industry as edges. A short shank and claw-like bend gives this pattern a very unique blueprint, one that gives totally reliable holds with ultimate staying power. Mega-sharp with a straight point providing instant impact on to feeding carp. Favoured with a flexible rig or combi rig for most anglers but can be used in any rig you have confidence in for the cherry on the top.

Jungle Hook

Another popular hook within the range. This hook boasts a wide gape pattern with pin-point sharpness and brute strength that enables you to fish in any demanding situations. This is the ultimate all-round hook that comes in sizes 1, 2, 4, 6 and now 10 for floater and zig fishing. This would be the one hook we would take on to a desert island should we only be allowed one! Get on the jungle hook!

Bridge beater

A strong, mega-sharp (as always with PB) and wide gape pattern; a superb hook, suitable for many different types of rigs. Whether bottom bait or pop-up, this is one pattern that wears many hats. PB team members use this pattern to devastating levels when used with a chod rig or even the very latest styles of Ronnies and spinner rig. So if you’re a Ronaldo fan the beaters are for you.

power curve

The Power curve , Our newest pattern released in 2020 and what a huge success this hook has been with the hype of the spinner rig this hook is the no 1 choice for many anglers A longer curve shank leading to a razor sharp point Available in size’s: 2 , 4 , 6 , 8

chod hook

This pattern really does need no introduction. Very much selling itself and with PB producing this super-sharp hook that has had an eye manufactured to ensure you can pass large stiff rig material through to give you the perfect D, it’s a hook within PB’s range that stands out from the crowed. The colour of the hook is also loved by many as its dark finish ensures discretion when off the lake bed. If you love a chod, PB chod rig hooks need to be the go-to for you!

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