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The Atom pro

The Atom Pro is the second generation of portable power stations from Powapacs. The integrated Lithium-Ion battery makes the Atom Pro a compact power station weighing just 2kg, allowing almost all electrical devices up to 150 watts to be run from it. With a battery capacity of 312 Wh and a range of 6 outputs, the Atom Pro is suitable for charging smartphones, tablets, laptops, drones, lighting and other equipment. It is the “must have” mobile power solution for your holiday at the campsite, the fishing lake or during a survival holiday. Weighing in at just 2kg and with dimensions of 240 x 165 x 65mm the Atom Pro is highly portable and even comes complete with a handy carry case.


clear display

The Atom Pro has a real-time display showing the battery level, input and output modes. It is equipped with USB, USB-C PD, DC and AC outputs.


Atom Pro can be charged three different ways: mains supply, solar panel or via a 12-24V car adaptor. High efficiency silent, pure sine wave inverter, 150W constant 200W peak power rating. Overload/voltage/temperature protection Short circuit/low voltage protection Digital User Information Display and Integrated LED torch 78,000mAh 312Wh. 26Ah @12v Battery - High discharging rated 18650 lithium battery Capacity - 78,000mAh 312Wh Dimensions – 240mm x 165mm x 65mm Weight – 2.1kg Carry case included

“Powering the worlds strongest man”

Photo provided by Darren Greenfield

Darren Greenfield, 48, of Swadlincote, is a former Team GB wheelchair basketball player and para-canoeist but in the last three years has been concentrating on becoming a strongman — pulling and lifting a range of outrageously heavy items, including cars and trucks. He’s the current and  2 x British champion in the seated class and now carries the title of the World’s strongest disabled man.

Darren uses a Ottobock C-Leg to power him through his day to day life, the  C-Leg 4 marks the start of a new era: It’s safer, more dynamic and modern. From stairs and ramps, to varying surfaces and even walking backwards the C-Leg 4 microprocessor knee adjusts itself dynamically to everyday situations. Darren also has the ability to control the C-Leg 4 with an app on his smart phone.

We sent Darren an Atom after meeting through the power of social media, and after reading his story and discovering his love of the outdoors, especially fishing we knew the Atom would make a difference to his lifestyle.  Darren has to charge his leg everyday as per the manufactures recommendation. This meant Darren couldn’t  get out for more than a day knowing he had to charge up via a mains source.

Step in the Atom and its all changed for Darren, he now has the flexibility to go out and stay out longer, Atom gives him the freedom to stay out overnight and even upto 5 days at time coupling the Atom with the solar panel. “Since having the Atom power pack it gives me the option to stay out 24hrs no problem and I would easily go to France for a week trip now knowing I have the Atom and solar panel to charge the leg”  Using the Atom Darren has found he can recharger his leg from around 70% to full  and only use 5% power from the Atom.

the atom pro

power your adventure

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*AMAZING* power solution for all your needs. First class product from the Atom Pro itself all the way to the charging lead and packaging. So versatile with the 3 pin port as well as the USB ports.
Simply amazing product as well as the others in the range. Well done PowaPacs, keep up the amazing products.

actual review


Chris Evans  

Best portable charging pack on the market! Great value for money!! Ordered it and it arrived the very next day, would highly recommend the Atom Pro!

actual review


Robert allen  

Absolutely unbelievable this thing. I took it camping at the weekend thinking it would keep the kids phones and my laptop charged for a day or so…. But wow a whole weekend charging phones laptop and even the next doors tent phones and we came back with power still in the atom. Bloody marvellous