Basic, simple carp rig by Matt Collins

Simple, strong & supple bottom bait carp rig.

I invented this rig 12 years ago and it was so successful that I began sharing it with anglers at my lake in France. It has caught thousands of carp for thousands of anglers all across the world and it continues to work very well for specific fishing situations.

This inline rig is perfect for fishing in the margins or when targeting wily carp at short/medium range. It works by delivering the full impact of the lead to the hook point when the carp picks up the rig but as soon as the carp shakes its head, the lead slides away and prevents the carp from using the weight of the lead to sling the rig out.

The system is easy to make from components you probably have in your tackle box, it’s safe (because it’s a running lead), it saves money and doesn’t add pollution to the aquatic environment because you keep the lead on the take.

The rig can be shortened down and fished as a solid PVA bag or as a parachute bag or just fished as is. It can also be used with PVA mesh bags of crumb or pellets. When casting, it’s very important to land the rig correctly by either trapping the line before the lead contacts the water, or by hitting the line clip. If you don’t do this, it will land in a tangled heap and be totally useless. If you’re not confident in your casting, I would recommend you use this rig in a solid PVA bag.

It is not suitable however for use at range (unless fished in a solid PVA bag). It is also not suitable for heavily weeded waters or when fishing over rocky ground. It works great in a bait boat and when dropped from a rowing boat. You can stick to the original double bait formula or fish it as a single or snowman presentation.

The “tell tale” indicator is optional but it’s an extremely useful way of understanding exactly what’s happening to your rigs. If your hooks aren’t sharp enough, the tell tale will help you do something about it. I still use the tell tale principle to this day in my own fishing because it helps me sort liners from dropped/aborted takes. It gives me the confidence to know that everything was right.

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Written by Matt Collins from Beausoleil Carp and Cats