winter winners

solid bags & single hook baits


RIG MECHANICS. This rig uses an in-line lead and a small, supple hooklink of around three-inches long. This is very effective because it is a short hooklink with a semi-fixed in-line lead that gives fantastic hooking. It’s also great because it’s a ‘mouthful-of-food’ trick for the carp and it works incredibly well.

TYPE OF LAKEBED. The beauty of this presentation is that it can be cast anywhere, from clean gravel areas to low-lying weed. Thanks to the PVA bag nothing can get snagged up or mask the hook point and ruin your presentation.

WHAT HOOKBAIT. Small hookbaits are perfect because of the micro feed used inside the PVA bag.

Single Hook Baits

Single flouro high attract pop ups are and can be a devastating winter tactic. Simply add a very small PVA sock of pellets or crushed up boilie over the hook point for a quick & light snack. This can’t fail if placed in the right spot.

items to help you catch this winter...

cold water green beast boilies

£11.99 Use broken and crushed up boilies for bag work.

silk wire

£13.49 Heavy as..

PVA bags

£3.50 (20 per pk)

cult classic pineapple pop ups

£6.60 Use theses as a single hook bait tactic with your chosen pop up rig. Pineapple has been & always will be great in the colder months.

jungle hook


Extra Long Tail Rubbers


cold water green beast pellets

£4.99 Use in solid bags.

Tungsten oval beads

£3.49 Use these in S or L to balance that pop up.

lump liquid

£12.59 Now I've not told you about this!

my chosen rig to present a high attract fluoro pop up  

A simple, short low lying chod rig

Why go down a hook size in winter - It's not as if a carps mouth gets smaller!

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