about us

who we are

Established in 2019, We are a family run carp and pike tackle business based in Lancashire UK supplying some of the best brands around to the UK anglers, such as PB Products – Incredible Tackle – Sonik – Powapacs – Skills – LCA Tackle – Rozemeijer and our own brand. Our mission is to provide you with both quality and value.

Cover photos by bobbyvmafia

The Team


garry turner

Owner & founder of GCT Angling Ltd. 

sales manager

graham green

Sales & advertising manager, website and tech support. I’ve been fishing since 1980 & carp fishing since 2000. UK pb is 32.04 and overseas pb is 39.10. It really is an honour working for the owner Garry (a bloody nice bloke as they say).

team manager

brian dixon

I am co-owner and editor of the online magazine www.talkingcarp.co.uk I am extremely proud to be a part of the GCT angling family and hope to see the company go from strength to strength.

deputy team manager

dan winfield

I have been fishing since I was 11 and would still like to consider myself an allrounder. That being said carp fishing takes up the lions share of my time on the bank for most of the season. My current PB is a 49lbs 8oz unnamed mirror carp from my syndicate. I’m also a team member at DT Bait developments.

team member

jason sandiford

Jason is the owner of  Chefukcarp.
Currently have catering events this year with Russ Guise, Bev Clifford, Les Bowers, Jo Morgan, Neil Spooner, Talking carp mag, Carp couture & uk Carping socials. UK pb 34.05.
team member

colin lee

Colin has been fishing since he was a boy on and off. But have been carp fishing seriously for about 12-13 years My Uk pb is 38.6 mirror And Europe my pb is 57lb mirror I fish all over the Uk and Europe and intend exploring more of Europe.

team member

gav dickie

Most of my fishing is around quarry’s these days with extremely low stock. I have my regular syndicate waters I fish but for me it’s the passion for the unknown.
I love my quarry’s they will turn you inside out and make you question everything. The rewards are epic tho when it all comes together. I don’t chase weights of fish or to be honest I really don’t care if it’s 14lb or40lb. It’s all about what it’s taken to get that fish. 
team member

stephen elliott

PB mirror 23.04. PB common 21.06. He Fishes 2-3 nights a week and is currently fishing Northern Ireland Carp Society Waters.

team member

louis schlebusch

 I’ve been involved in carp angling/ competitive angling all my life, and have partaken in numerous fishing events and tournaments. Also been included and still fishing actively in pro-teams.  I have my own YouTube channel on specimen angling in South Africa which I try to update as much as possible with new videos and more. PB 49lbs.

team member

james 'queeny' mcqueen

I have been a carp angler for over 25 years now, I fish two syndicates both in the Surrey area. One is over 130 acres and the other is a smaller lake, but has a no publicity ban on it. I travel to France at least twice a year in search of some lumps.

team member

Mark Bagnall

I’ve been fishing since I was a child. I still enjoy fishing for other species. I have a PB of 39lb14OZ, sadly the camera had a fault and these were lost. I love snag fishing and surface fishing. My surface pd is the lovely 31lb4oz common in the picture.

team member

tanya rose

I started fishing in 2018 with my son, it soon became an addiction! I’ve always loved the outdoors, no better way to switch off from reality, clear your mind, and rack up the bites. I mainly fish day ticket waters around South Yorkshire, and spend at least two weeks in France 🇫🇷 chasing biggies a year. My UK is 45lb 7oz

junior team member

theo baulch

I have been fishing for 3 years now, the first time I went fishing was the best experience I have ever had, fishing has helped me though my mental health massively, my current PB Carp is 18lb 15oz.